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Wednesdays Are For Comics: “Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who-Assimilation2 #6”

7 Nov

KJack’s Back.

Star Trek: The Next Generation/ Doctor Who Assimilation #6

Written by Scott & David Tipton

Art by Gordon Purcell and J.K. Woodward

Reviewed by KJack


                Nerdgasm. That’s what I call this issue. If you’re a fan of either Star Trek or Doctor Who, and you’re not reading this book, obviously you’re missing out. It’s rare that the popular fan-boy debate about villain vs. villain from a different property actually sees the light of publication, but it’s even rarer still that it’s given such a high quality treatment.

The Tipton brothers have definitely thought about the question: “Who would win a war between The Borg and The Cybermen?” more than maybe anyone should. (That’s a compliment) Not only do they flesh this battle out better than I ever expected a comic book writer could, but they expertly factor in the crazy variables that are The Doctor, Captain Picard, and any companions/crew that might be helping them. The back and forth between the crews of the TARDIS and the Enterprise, the explanations of how the Borg and Cybermen interact, and the attempts to time travel and mess with Picard’s past, all make this one of this week’s most entertaining comics by far. The painted art is beautiful at times and is always true to the characters that we’ve come to know and love. It’s the writing of these characters and their wonderfully complicated circumstances, however, that make this book so enjoyable.

CJack couldn’t let a post go by without using her stupid apps to make a picture.

4 out of 5 POWS!!


These are 56 voyages of the Starship Enterprise…

27 Apr

Have you seen this?

I watched 27 seconds of it and had to stop.

Sometimes I sit and think about a “perfect world.” This “perfect world” usually consists of an extremely comfortable couch, Spike, KJack & a wall of TV’s.

However, because it’s “perfect,” there’s volume control.

Otherwise, this is awesome.

Coming Attractions:

How To Make A Wig!!

(That looks like the Heat Miser’s hair, but is really a Fire Woman wig for Conquest….)

Awkward Celebrity Encounters Part II: LeVar Burton Did Something Weird To My Eye!!!

24 Feb

Previously at Come On, Mr. Sunshine….

I spoke of my virtual encounter with Roseanne Barr yesterday. It didn’t end well, but it was on Twitter, so who give a shiz, right? It’s not like I actually met her in real life and she up and smacked me or something…it’s not as if I ran into her in a bar somewhere and woke up the next morning looking less like CJack and more like Rocky Dennis. No….the World wanted to save that for my encounter with Gordie “Reading Rainbow” LaForge.

Click Me! Awesome Blog Alert!

‘Member yesterday when I told you about meeting Comic Con celebrities at the hotel bar? Well, I was sitting by my lonesome when I noticed the dude across from me was staring my way. Then I noticed it wasn’t my devistating beauty that had captivated him…it was his:

The guy took a picture with LeVar, who was nothing but lovely and went and sat back down. Just then KJack got there and sat down on the other side of me creating a LeVar Burton-KJack Sandwich with a CJack center. It. Was. Awesome.

Then the bartender declined my credit card and I had to pay for my Miller Lite in change while LeVar looked on….

Then I told him that, this one time, the Reading Rainbow theme was my ringtone….

Then, when the bartender brought him over a drink from the guy from before, I half mumbled…

“He can take a picture with me if it gets me a free drink!” *insert horrible awkward CJack laugh*

LeVar: Sure!

silence…more silence….

LeVar: Well, I’m going to go…did uh, did you want that picture?


KJack: Uh, Caitlin, he’ll take a picture with you!

CJack: What? Oh, you want to take a picture with me? Yeah, I mean, yes, sure!

LeVar: You asked me for one, right?

CJack: …..yes…..

(no….but I want one)
When CJackKittycat met LeVar Burton

CJack and LeVar....in happier times.

It. Was. Awesome. Again. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!! Truly, I do. I always have! When I was little I didn’t care what he said, I always took his “word for it.”  It was a pleasure to meet him and he couldn’t have been more wonderful. He said goodnight and off he went to his quarters hotel room.

Approx. 9 hours later I woke up to this:

What. The. Fuck.

When you wake up with your eye swollen shut you think back to all the things that could have caused it. Did I eat something weird? No. Did you rub your face on something? New shirt? Different soap? Did you touch someone…did you SQUISH YOUR FACE UP TO SOMEONE?!?!?! HOLY SHIT!!! LEVAR BURTON DID SOMETHING WEIRD TO MY EYE!!!!!!!!!

This is clearly some sort of disease he picked up while doing whatever it is the Away Team does when no one’s watching!

Don't freaking touch it Geordi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patient Zero

You’ve ruined me LaForge!!

Once I’d deduced that I had obviously been infected via eye to eye contact with someone who has been on multiple planets and who probably never sanitized his visor properly, I knew it must have been that fateful night in Ten-Forward  Hyatt Red Bar.

In actuality the culprit behind my new face was probably not an allergic reaction to Handsome nor was LeVar the Typhoid Mary of whatever the dude in the above picture had, but it sure as hell is a lot more interesting than what really happened….

Likes: Eyes; Dislikes: John Goodman

 ….this guy.

Anatomy of A Comic Con

23 Feb

This was all originally part of Awkward Celebrity Encounters Part II, but it’s too long and too off topic…now it’s its very own Blost! (That’s right Blog+Post…do sumthin’)

Every year in August, Wizard World comes to Chicago. For those of you that don’t know, Wizard World is a comic book convention…actually it’s more a Pop Culture convention. If you’ve never been to one of these conventions you are missing out. Where else can you go to see 90210’s Steve Sanders and Jerry Lawler rub elbows with Willy Wonka’s Mike TV?

Uh….I just checked the line up for 2012 and brace yourself…….

Melissa Joan Hart & Joey Lawrence are coming!! Hurray!!!!

Clarissa the Teenage Witch!



Every year it’s pretty good, but never has it been Melissa & Joey good!!!!


There are a handful of guests that you’re always going to run into. Nicholas Brendan practically lives at these things. I’m not sure when he finds time to act as he seems to always be on the fan convention circuit.This probably pays better than a guest spot on Criminal Minds though, so no judgement , Nicky. You’ll prolly see James Marsters and you’ll always see someone from the WWE. Someone from at least one of the Star Trek franchises will be there and for the last two years there’s been at least one Monkee.With so many people at these things how are you supposed to know who’s who among the Comic Con Glitterati?? For your Edutainment I present to you:

The Four Tiers of Comic Con Celebrities

 Tier Four:

Your WWE Superstars, your television guest roles (90210’s Emily Valentine! Chick from Baywatch! Suitcase #9 from Deal Or No Deal! That One Guy From That One Show!) and your Reality “Stars”

These guys are stuck at tables either smack dab in the middle of the merchandise tables or clustered in the back of the

No deal.

convention near the bathrooms. They don’t have handlers and are generally more excited to talk to you than you are to them.  I once had to walk by the same table 15 times due to its location…you can only politely smile and nod to Johnny Fairplay so many times before you start to feel like an asshole for not saying something or giving him 8 bucks for an autograph. 

Tier 3:

Nostalgia Guests (The cast of Willy Wonka all grow’d up! Richard Roundtree! The Monkees! Pam Grier!

They sit at their tables (in slightly better locations) with a stack of glossy 8x10s and smile as you tell them how much you love them. You’ll give them $45-$65 and they’ll awkwardly but politely put their arm around you while your friend or their assistant/handler try to figure out how to take a picture with your phone.

No…press the picture of the camera…wait..no..did it flash??…nevermind…

Tier 2:

Legit Star Promoting Something Recent

You’ll  generally find this tier along the perimeter of the room with roped off areas for fanchildren to line up. Here you’ll find the cast of Walking Dead, True Blood, Torchwood, etc. If it’s still on or still relevant you’ll find them here. You’ll find your Buffy folk over this way too. These guys operate much like Tier 3, but there are ropes, longer lines and if you’re not there on a Friday or Saturday it’s just going to be a giant picture of their face and an empty table.

Two Xanders for the price of one.


 Tier 1:

Featured Guests

This is where the big hitters are. This is your Shatner, your Patrick Stewart and entire cast of The Next Generation, your Chris Hemsworths, Linda Hamiltons, Christopher Lloyds, Bruce Campbells, etc…

Oh Captain, My Captain

These guys are in prime location, roped off, sometimes curtained off (Carrie Fisher, I’m talking to you) you have a few hours on Saturday to get in, pay up, get it signed, and move along.


Then there’s Artist’s Alley. Spend a lot of time here folks. You might not recognize these guys’ faces but chances are you’ve seen their artwork somewhere. 100% of the artwork I’ve purchased for my home came from Artist’s Alley. It’s a goldmine of talent over there.

Found in the Alley.

Insider Tip: If you hit AA up near the end of the last day of the Con they’ll be itching to get rid of any unsold work they’d otherwise have to pack up and schlep back home. It’s a fire sale in AA on Sunday at 3pm.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This list doesn’t actually include any of the Comic Book artists and writers that you’ll find at these things. While I believe I’m qualified to categorize the Pop Culture-sphere I don’t know squat about the people that actually make comics. They belong to a tier all their own. It’s like on Glee where I know so much about the actual Glee Club, but I have no clue about the hierarchies of the Jazz Band behind them.

PICTURED: Fascinating Opportunities for Backstory

My Husband is always working at these things so I end up waiting for him next door at the hotel bar. The hotel where the cool kids are staying. The cool kids who, after a full day of signing autographs and hugging nerds, like to drink…at the hotel bar. It was in this hotel bar, after a day at Wizard World last year, where I met……

LeVar Burton!!!!!!!

To be continued…

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