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I’m Helpful – Answers to Questions People Googled To Get Here.

16 Feb

I was checking C’mon Mr. Sunshine’s stats (that sounds dirty) and I was struck with how odd the list of search terms that poor, unsuspecting people in need of real answers to real questions used to end up at my blog.

I'm sorry you Googled this and ended up at my weird blog.

I’m sorry you Googled this and ended up at my weird blog.

My inner-humanitarian has decided to help them should they ever return.

We're very alike.

We’re very alike.

1.) The Amy Smart Walking Dead Confusion

amy smart walking dead
is amy smart on the walking dead

No. She isn’t. I think you think she’s Andrea. You’re wrong. You might think she’s Beth. Not that either. Maybe you think she was in the first season as Andrea’s sister Amy. No. I know you think she’s Andrea. Knock it off.

I honestly don’t think they look alike. There’s also about 10 years between them.


It would be nice, though, if Ashton Kutcher could take a look at some of the older Walking Dead scripts, get a nosebleed, and fix Andrea’s dumbassery.



2.) The Curious Attraction To Marky Mark’s Third Nip.

marky mark 3rd nipple
3rd nipple
marky mark third nipple
mark wahlberg third nipple
mark wahlberg third nipple pictures

I don’t know why you all are so excited about Wahlberg’s triple nip, but you are.


"Say hello to your Mother for me!"

“Say hello to your Mother for me!”

3.) Anatomy of a 2 Broke Girls Halloween Costume

2 broke girls costume
2 broke girls outfits
2 broke girls outfit
two broke girls kostüm
(Is that German?)

halloween 2 broke girls couple
diy 2 broke girls costume
2 broke girls latex
(What’s wrong with you?)

two broke girls latex (You too, buddy.)
two broke girls halloween costume

Step One: Find Reference Picture.

Step Two: Determine if you are a “Max” or you are a “Caroline.” (I’m Max. Duh.)

Step Three: Go Shopping – Dress. Ribbon. Apron. Hair. Giant Safety Pins. Name Tags. Boots.

Step Four: Make your apron. Glue the ribbon to your dress with this. Style the wig. Add accessories.

Step Five: Find friends to join you. Now, relax, have fun and bask in your glory. 

2 Broke Girls Oleg Costume2brokemaxandcarolinecostumesmax and caroline costume halloween*My “Caroline” made her necklace with big plastic pearls, gold chain, and these things.

Look. Copy. Win.

4.) Miscellaneous Helpfulness.

  • sometimes i like to meme

That’s ok. Sometimes I do too.

  • what can i make with finished cross stitch

I don’t know. I Google it almost everyday. If you find something, let me know.

  • what was the costume with the crows worn by darlene in roseanne about

She was dressed a Tippi Hedren’s character in The Birds.


  • the walking dead andrea is an idiot

Yes. She is.

  • how to do a collage on pixlromatic
  • pixlr-o-matic add text
  • how to add text with pixlr-o-matic?

You can’t. Download PicsArt.

  • what does it mean if i cant stop drawing roses

It means you really like drawing roses.

the walking dead what if daryl dies

You’ll be fine. Although, I hear there are talks of a riot.

  • stupid andrea walking dead

Yes. She is.

  • pic of clown saying happy birthday meagan

That’s weird and strangely specific and I have no clue how you even got here…however…



Inspired By…..Ben Kweller’s Thirteen (or 5 Awesome Android Photo Apps)

2 Mar

It was in the back of taxi…

When you told me you loved me…

And that I wasn’t alone…

Ben KwellerThirteen

So that last picture might be in the back of a bus and not a taxi but, for some reason, while I’m sure I’ve taken millions of pictures in the backs of cabs, there are none to be found.

Paiting by Jeremiah Palecek

As you can see I LOVE me some photography modification apps. Maybe you do too. Sorry iPhone folk, but I’m an Android girl.

Here’s what I use:

Pixlr-o-matic – This is my favorite. It recently updated and has a bajillion filters (they are all named after people so it’s not the easiest to use, but after a while you get to know who’s who) – It also has a giant selection of borders and other effects like that linen effect on the taxis and the bokeh effect on the picture of Sarah (She of the dryer sheet) in the Christmas cab. – FREE!

BeFunky Photo Editor ProLoved this one so much I paid for the “Pro” version. This one not only has a ton of effects, but it also has an Edit area where you can adjust brightness, contrast, orientation, crop, etc…It’s pretty basic as far as frames go, but hey, you’ve got Pixlr, you can edit it in BeFunky and frame it with something else! – Free & Pro versions

Little PhotoMy very first photography effects app I downloaded when I finally got a grown-up phone (a whole few months ago). It’s basic, but it’s good and I love its “Toy Camera” effect. – FREE!

Example of Little Photo's Toy Camera effect...and pretentiousness.

 PicsArt-Photo Studio – A.Mahhhhzing! Dig this one a lot. This one has areas where you can create a collage, draw on a picture, add words, clip art, “stickers,” plus it comes with variations on the effects you’ll find on the others, but the reason to download this guy is the ability to add text to your photos. It’s awesome. Not a giant selection of fonts, but I ain’t complainin’. – FREE!

PicsArt for the text, Pixlr for the filters, Hipster for the ride

Finally, Retro Camera This one is actually a camera app and not just an effects app. You choose from one of 6 cameras and then take the picture. I don’t use it as much because I keep forgetting which camera does what, but when I do use it, I’m never disappointed. The Tee For Tuesdays logo was taken with the “Xolaroid 2000” and the picture below was taken with one of the others. Which one exactly? I have no clue. They could prolly add some identifying features for someone like me who has way too many apps and sometimes forgets what they hell they even do. – FREE!

Happy Friday Kids…go download some apps, will ya’? It’ll keep you entertained for days. Be forewarned though…there’s a possibility you could, like me, become an app hoarder and I don’t think Matt Paxton is going to come to my rescue any time soon.  

Portrait of an App Hoarder - I'm about 5 decisions away from sh*ting in a bucket

Remember how this post started with song lyrics….prepare yourself for one of the best songs you’ll ever hear…Ladies & Gentlemen, Ben Kweller…….

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