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I’m Still Alive….I’ve Been Cross Stitching. Don’t Be Jealous.

12 Feb

I'm Still Alive....I've Been Cross Stitching. Don't Be Jealous.

I’m still here. I swear. There should be a Zombie ABC entry coming in the near future. In the meantime, I’ve been using all available free time to cross stitch a photo realistic picture of Judy Garland hugging a teenage Liza Minnelli. Because that’s how I do.


You're about to be XSTITCHED!

You’re about to be XSTITCHED!


Before There Was Blog…There Was Cross Stitch

7 Mar

A month ago I’d come home after work and do cross stitch. Well, I’d come home and sit on the couch and watch TV with KJack and Spike, but recently I’d also been cross stitching. I’ve always done cross stitch. My Grandmothers cross stitch, my Mother cross stitched, my Aunts…it’s kinda’ a thing.

Every time I went into a Michael’s or a Hobby Lobby, straight to the cross stitch “kit” section I would go. I’d look through the landscapes and angels and dolphins and maybe, every so often, I’d find one that didn’t totally suck. I’d take it home and into my collection it would go. Christmas would bring more. Random trips to the craft store by Ma & Pa, more. I has a lots to say the least. And I finish them! I swear! I don’t just hoard them! Not too long ago Sarah came over and I gave her one and we sat on the couch and did cross stitch while drinking wine and watching Lifetime movies. A time was had. I even recently took an unused corner of my “Middle Room” and made a craft corner.

This desire to re-spark the craftiness of my youth may or may not have been in direct correlation to my discovery of Pinterest.

What to do with finished cross stitch projects? Why, hang them haphazardly next to Madonna of course!

So, my supplies were organized and I was ready to get back into this as a hard core cross stitcher. I was ready to join the ranks of Mr. X Stitch and Subversive Cross Stitch and get serious dammit! But I’m just not that cool…not yet anyway. I mean, I’m a “kit” girl! I have 27 pre-packaged kits of cats on bookshelves and cat in the moonlight and cats covered in paint and cats in a barn. I’m not even shitting you, I have every single one of those kits in that bottom right purple drawer in that picture up there. Every. Single. One. And this one….it’s maybe the only one I have that doesn’t have a cat in it.

Where was I? I got distracted tracking down pictures of cats…..oh, yeah, kits…I’m so used to doing these kits that I was too scurred and too lazy to really do much of anything else. Then one day, in one of my Googling fits, I came across PatternCreator.com. You can spend days Googling “DIY Cross Stitch Pattern,” by the way.

I was really looking for a way to take a picture and pixalize it or something and make my own pattern that way for free, but that proved to be too hard and everything came out looking super shitty. I did try to take an old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nintendo game screen shot and blow it up, then used a ruler and Sharpie to draw the grid on top of it…but that was dumb and was too difficult to do at work without people gettin’ all up in my business when I’m obviously busy…gosh!

Long story, short: I paid $7.49 to take this picture —->

And turn it into a cross stitch pattern with 40 different shades of brown, pink and beige.

I’m clearly a genius.

Whatevs, I really love this picture (Judy! And LIZA! With a Z!!) and found it the same day I found Pattern Creator, so there it is. I probably should have picked an Awesome picture of Spike or something, but I needed a break from cross stitching animals.

I began my work on what was destined to be the most amazing work of cross stitch art ever. I worked a little bit everyday for a few weeks…then I started this whole blog thing and needless to say, progress has…stalled.

I need to find nice little pre-packaged topics I can post about that don’t take up precious Judy & Liza stitching time.

I need a blog kit.

Ah well, the more I do this the more I’ll figure out how to do it I ‘spose.

Wanna’ see how far I got on my Judy & Liza?

Weeks of work people...WEEKS! What. The. Feck.

That's not even the whole thing!! Some of it's still rolled up! Double FECK!!!

I’ve got no chance.

Wow…I was going to set this to publish tomorrow but I goofed. Oh well….I hope this doesn’t ef’ up your flow, Intermittent Readers. I’m quite sure it won’t. I’m going to finish watching Splash and go to bed.