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Wednesdays Are For Comics: “Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who-Assimilation2 #6”

7 Nov

KJack’s Back.

Star Trek: The Next Generation/ Doctor Who Assimilation #6

Written by Scott & David Tipton

Art by Gordon Purcell and J.K. Woodward

Reviewed by KJack


                Nerdgasm. That’s what I call this issue. If you’re a fan of either Star Trek or Doctor Who, and you’re not reading this book, obviously you’re missing out. It’s rare that the popular fan-boy debate about villain vs. villain from a different property actually sees the light of publication, but it’s even rarer still that it’s given such a high quality treatment.

The Tipton brothers have definitely thought about the question: “Who would win a war between The Borg and The Cybermen?” more than maybe anyone should. (That’s a compliment) Not only do they flesh this battle out better than I ever expected a comic book writer could, but they expertly factor in the crazy variables that are The Doctor, Captain Picard, and any companions/crew that might be helping them. The back and forth between the crews of the TARDIS and the Enterprise, the explanations of how the Borg and Cybermen interact, and the attempts to time travel and mess with Picard’s past, all make this one of this week’s most entertaining comics by far. The painted art is beautiful at times and is always true to the characters that we’ve come to know and love. It’s the writing of these characters and their wonderfully complicated circumstances, however, that make this book so enjoyable.

CJack couldn’t let a post go by without using her stupid apps to make a picture.

4 out of 5 POWS!!


Wednesdays Are For Comics: “The Boys #65” by Garth Ennis

4 Apr

The Boys #65

COVER ARTIST: Darick Robertson

By Garth Ennis

Art by Russ Braun,

John McCrea,

& Keith Burns

Reviewed by KJack

Basically, I’m writing this review to let everyone know that the wait is over! After 64 issues of spying, political maneuvering, blackmailing, threatening, and just white-hot-hating the Homelander , the Butcher  finally comes face to face with his wife’s killer. It wouldn’t be a proper Garth Ennis production, however, if it just went down in a straight forward fashion. There’s a twist thrown in and the Boys all race to figure it out in time to keep the Butcher from missing the last piece of the Vought puzzle. 

I won’t spoil it for you, but I will tell you that it goes down spectacularly. By flipping back and forth between Butcher’s showdown and the one the Armed Forces have with the “Superheros,” Garth has given us a truly epic last battle. It has all the blood, violence, heroics, and horrible “superhero” deaths that this series has been promising all along. We’re also treated to the art of all the great artists this series has depended on. Trading off scenes, it only seems right that Braun, McCrea, and Burns are all in it together for this big, awesome climax. Furthermore, it is only fitting that the issue is a special 36 pager with a slightly higher price tag.

Don’t miss this issue folks, or you’ll be missing out! If you’ve fallen behind, now is the time to catch up, because the payoff is finally within your grasp!

I give 5 POWS, and hearty thank you to  the entire Boys creative team!

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