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Tee For Tuesdays: Don’t Pinch Me, I’m Wearing Green.

13 Mar

Hello all! Welcome to the fourth edition of…

Don’t be mad, Intermittent Readers, but today’s post is pretty much going to be phoned in. I apologize, I love you. It’ll still be good though, trust, folks.

Ok…so since this weekend is St. Patrick’s Day, T4T this week will feature a green shirt, friends! Thus endeth any sort of theme for today.

St. Patrick’s Day, a day of green beer, puking, and shenanigans (that sounds like an Irish word, right?).

Without further ado, I present to you, a shirt that has absolutely no relevance to St. Patrick’s Day (save the color) and was, in fact, only worn one time…on Halloween.

Kid Nation‘s Queen of Bonanza City: Laurel McGoff – The T-Shirt

For those of you who don’t know what Kid Nation is, it was a CBS reality show circa 2007 that took a bunch of kids, divided them into four teams and dropped them onto the Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch then told them to “create a functioning society” in the old west, all by their lonesome doves.

It. Was. Awesome!!

Here we have 40 kids (ages 8-15) set in front of cameras and told to prove to the world that just because you’re kids, doesn’t mean you’re douchebags. And you know what? They did...for the most part. Taylor (the girl from the video in that link you didn’t click on) is probably a lovely girl in real life, but even a kid-centric reality show needs a villain and where there’s a villain, there’s a hero. Enter Laurel McGoff. Laurel was my hero. She was pure awesomesauce and I loved her.

"Tell me to 'deal with it' one more time and I'll smack you."

So I did what any fan of a little watched and pretty much hated reality show would do and dressed up as Laurel for Halloween.

Where did I gets it? Everything needed to make that tee was purchased at Michaels. Green t-shirt, iron-on letters and whatever the hell I used to make the white “name tag” part.

Why is this t-shirt awesome? Because no one else on the planet save for Laurel herself has one. (probably)

Why do I have it? I feel this question has an obvious answer and will instead ask…

Why is this T4T worthy? Because I needed a green t-shirt for the St. Patrick’s Day Edition of Tee For Tuesdays and I love an excuse to talk about TV shows no one watched, to show off old Halloween costumes that I thought were totally genius and to show people this picture:

Halloween 2007: The Year No One Knew Who I Was

Let’s close out this Tuesday’s post with a song, shall we?


Tee For Tuesdays – Lou Costello Meets The Wolfman

6 Mar

Yeah, yeah, I know…it was really Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, but for the purpose of today’s post it stands.

Today is Lou Costello’s birthday, which made me think about when Lou met the Wolfman (among others) which made me think of Phil’s quote from last week’s Modern Family:

“It’s like when the Wolfman, Dracula and Frankenstein show up in the same movie….EXCEPT IT’S NOT AWESOME!!”

Which made me think about wolf t-shirts, which brings me to today’s t-shirts which ARE Awesome!!!

“I’m sorry…did you say “shirts?” Plural??!!?”

Why, yes, yes I did. Ladies & Gentlemen I give to you…a DOUBLE DOSE of…

CJack & Bestie Cori's Wolfpack


WHY: I like Zach Galifianakis and he makes me happy (not that you could tell that from the picture). Also it’s super soft and a lovely shade of navy blue.

WHERE: I’m too embarrassed to tell you where I got it.


Side Note: It was really, REALLY sunny out…clearly I wasn’t as prepared as the Menfolk in this picture.

Now, because I like things to come full circle, I present to you TEE #2 – THREE TEEN WOLF MOON!!! Modeled by that devastatingly handsome fella’ in the Wolfpack picture (the big one, not the tiny one.)

Bask in his glory.

WHY: Christmas gift from CJack

WHERE: – Super awesome t-shirt website!! Go. Buy. NOW!

AWESOME BECAUSE: Did you not read the name of the shirt? Only slightly better than the original. Contains totally different powers though. When you wear it, it makes you Awesome at basketball, a bit shaky, but still Awesome.

Tee For Tuesdays: New Kids On The Block “No More Games”

28 Feb

Well, my darlings, Come On, Mr. Sunshine has made it a full week. I didn’t know if it would actually happen, but it did. I’m grateful for those of you who have stuck around and for those of you who’ve told a friend. Now, as promised, here’s the second installment of Tee For Tuesdays!! 

NKOTB! Let’s Rock!

When I was in the third grade I went to my very first “official” concert. I mean, I’d seen Gene “Duke of Earl” Chandler at the Indianapolis Zoo, but this was my first time in an arena. This was my first blockbuster concert, people, and It. Was. Amazing. I was 8 and it was the New Kids On The Block, Hangin’ Tough tour. Holy shiz. I was all the way up in the nosebleed seats and my boyfriend Joey McIntyre was totally in the same room as me, albeit hundreds of feet away, but I knew he knew I was there.

Is it just me or does this video end inappropriately?

I wish I could tell you I got today’s t-shirt at that show. I wish I could tell you I got today’s t-shirt at any show, but alas, I got today’s t-shirt here:

PICTURED: 3000 crappy t-shirts, 4 awesome ones.

I’ll admit it, quite a few of my vintage tees came from thrift stores, but before you pounce on me saying I’m totally a “poser,” you have to know that I work hard to find these tees. I’ll spend hours sorting through thousands of Wilmette Park District Softball and Looney Tunes tees, sneezing my face off, until I find the perfect mix of nostalgia, kitsch and awesomesauce. Then I’ll take it home, cut the neck out of it and wear it till I can’t wears it no more.

As you can see from the photo on the front, Donnie Wahlberg was far too dangerous to be in a silly boyband so he masterminded the No More Games/Remix Album. Their new sound was gritty urban hip-hop. Gone were the days of “loving you forever.” The New Kids were dead, Long Live NKOTB!

See? They’re totally gangsta’. Donnie even included a shout-out to the baddest dude in town: Marky Mark.

NOT PICTURED: Funky Bunch, PICTURED: Third Nipple


New Kids On The Block NKOTB – No More Games

Where it came from – Some thrift store somewhere in Indiana circa 1998

Why it’s awesome -Because this wasn’t just any New Kids tee. This was badass gansta’ New Kids. This was Donnie Wahlberg’s New Kids.

Why I have it -I genuinely love these guys. I don’t own this shirt ironically. Remember that concert I went to when I was 8? It has rivaled only one other concert since.

This was me 18 years later:

Total goon.

Teen beat.

New Kids On The Block: Live – The boys were back in town. I know what you’re probably thinking and I don’t give a shit….that concert was awesome. I cried like a little girl when I saw those 5 microphones lined up across the stage with hats hanging off of them. This was four years ago and I’m still talking about it. Most of my friends go to Wilco shows like they’re passing out free booze at them; I prefer to go to concerts where I can buy buttons as big as my head with Joey McIntyre on them. Thus is my lot in life.

Actually Me. Awesome Me.

Tee for Tuesdays: Do You Wanna’ See A Dead Body?

21 Feb

As my first official and (hopefully) regular feature I present you with…

“Tee For Tuesdays”    (‘cause it’s a play on words, ya’ see?)

I have a lot of t-shirts…a lot. Rumor has it there are other people out there that enjoy t-shirts. Which makes sense, cause they’re awesome.

So every Tuesday (until it becomes boring and/or lame) I’ll post about one of my t-shirts. I’ll let you know where it came from, why I have it and why it’s awesome. As a very new and very green blogger this could prove to be a terrible idea, but we won’t know until we try.

First some back story:

On January 20, 2012, I purchased my 4th TeeFury tee.

Wait? What’s that? You don’t know about Well that’s a damn shame, because it’s rad. Every day, for a full 24 hours, they offer a $10 t-shirt designed by artists (who get $1 for every tee sold) from all over the world. Once that 24hrs is up; New t-shirt, no go-backsies. If you didn’t get the shirt the day it was listed you’re out of luck. I’m not sure if some of the artists sell them on their personal websites/stores/whathaveyou but there’s a chance of that as they do own their designs.

TeeFury is kind enough to provide a torture device they call the “Gallery” where you can look at all the badass t-shirts that were just PERFECT for you, but you didn’t check their site that day so you’re S.O.L.


Perfect for CJack. Missed it.

Perfect for KJack. Missed it.

My old high school chum/current Facebook pal brought TeeFury to my attention on September 22nd when they had a Stephen King themed tee for sale; I have since bought 4, 2 of which have been Stephen King tees. The fact that 2 t-shirts in the past 5 months have been related to SK should tell you right there that this site is the cat’s meow. It’s definitely a place for fangirls/boys as all of their t-shirts are music/television/movies/video game/book /bacon based.

Pop Culture abounds at TeeFury.

In the last month or so they’ve offered t-shirts based on the following:

Breaking Bad
Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots
Twin Peaks
Burger Time
Star Wars
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Dr. Who (There seems to be an infinite number of Dr. Who shirts in the gallery)
Sesame Street

Something for everyone right? Well, something for every nerd at least.

Now…without further ado, I present to you,

TeeFury Shirt #4, Stephen King Shirt #2

Do You Wanna’ See A Dead Body?

Do You Want To See An Awesome T-Shirt?

The 1986 movie, Stand By Me, based off the short story The Body published in King’s collection Different Seasons in 1982, now a 2012 t-shirt. River, Corey, Wil & Jerry with a Kiefer and a John Cusack thrown in for good measure.

NOT PICTURED: Kiefer, Cusack, Corpse

A fine novella adapted into a fine movie adapted in to an even finer t-shirt.

There’s a little piece of each of the guys in the shirt and I get to wear it whenever I want…..maybe I’ll even make sure I’m buried in it someday…wouldn’t that be ironic.

To Sum Up:

You Wanna’ See A Dead Body?

Where it came from – 1/20/12

Why I have it – Stephen King is my favorite author. Feldman is my favorite Corey.

Why it’s awesome – When’s the last time you saw a t-shirt designed around a movie starring Fat Jerry O’Connell?



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