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I’m Still Alive….I’ve Been Cross Stitching. Don’t Be Jealous.

12 Feb

I'm Still Alive....I've Been Cross Stitching. Don't Be Jealous.

I’m still here. I swear. There should be a Zombie ABC entry coming in the near future. In the meantime, I’ve been using all available free time to cross stitch a photo realistic picture of Judy Garland hugging a teenage Liza Minnelli. Because that’s how I do.


You're about to be XSTITCHED!

You’re about to be XSTITCHED!


Reggie Lee Works Hard For The Money

22 Jul

I love this guy.


You may know him from such roles as, “Officer,” “Cop #1,” “Sergeant,” and “Detective.”

CJack’s Sicko. Can Do Nothing But Occasionally Draw Something.

20 Mar

Sorry Kids, no Tee For Tuesdays today. No access to a desktop and my laptop is a giant piece of poo. Instead, feel free to enjoy the one thing I can do all day.









I Can’t Stop Drawing Somethings.

19 Mar

Four days ago, my life changed.

I met Draw Something. We’re in love. Thinking of getting married sometime in the near future on a beach. Our colors will be blue and yellow. The flowers, red. He’ll wear a black tux and I’ll erase my dress.

It’s going to be Drawsome.

Look, we all know this game/app is amazeballs. If you’ve got a fancy-schmancy touchscreen phone you must immediately download it. Quick description for those of you that don’t know: You have three choices of words to “draw” of varying difficulty. Pick one. Draw it. Wait for your partner to guess what you drew. Dunzo.

For Androids

For Apples

When I first started playing I was She of the Stick Figures, but after some curiosity and Googling, I realized that there was some serious opportunity for art-making. At first, I was focused only on drawing the most basic and clear representation of the word and collecting my coins, but once I saw the level of art that was coming out of the Draw Something community I was inspired.

GORGEOUS!! My stick figures can suck it!

I mean look at that! LOOK! You can head over the the Draw Something Facebook page and check out all the pictures. It’s definitely made me step up my game. The game’s fun-ness has increased a bajillion fold once I started trying to draw the purtiest words instead of the most efficient.

I’m not quite at the level of talent of Nicki’s artist over there (Friday’s “Doodle of the Day” on their Faceplace), but I’ll sure as shit keep working on it!

I sucked at Words With Friends too, before I realized that I should be using those Double/Triple score squares and not just trying to see how may times I could spell “poop.”

So download this app, Intermittent Readers, and draw something with me.

My username: CJackkittycat

CJack’s Draw Something Gallery





Closed Until Further Notice.

16 Mar