No Comics For YOU! – Instead, Let’s Pretend It’s 2 Years Ago.

28 Mar

There will be no review for you today, as KJack’s exact words to me this morning were:

“Nothing is awesome and nothing is terrible.”

Apparently, we’re all about extremes over here at Come On, Mr. Sunshine.

So, instead of your regularly scheduled comic book review, we’re going to hit it up vintage-style and go back to January 2010 when you couldn’t get “Hey Soul Sister” out of your head, Justin Bieber was just that Canadian kid from Youtube and you were still reeling over what New Directions did at Sectionals.

Remember Death Metal Rooster?

This Youtube video was all the rage back in ol’ January of yore.


There were follow-ups, spoofs and parodies up the wazoo, but this one is quite possible the most entertaining.

I’m 100% biased because this is Bestie Cori‘s spawn, Charlie.

My nephew is far cooler than you because sometimes…he just needs to rock.


I was all set to end this post here, but when I was looking for something to link “Hey Soul Sister” to, I found the below video…as I’ve noticed most of you don’t click on things like I tell you too, I’m just going to go ahead and put it in.

Because nothin’ goes better with a 2 yr. old jamming to death metal than an 8 yr. old rocking a ukulele.



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