What I’m Watching: The Week in Limerick

23 Mar

Hi all….I must warn you that if you haven’t watched the last two episodes of Walking Dead, skip the first one…otherwise I’m not spoiling a damn thing, so chillax. Also, my limericks aren’t dirty. They should be. I didn’t intentionally make them clean..it’s just…limericks are hard y’all. For reals.



Sheriff Rick’s best pal was a louse,
Who boned Rick’s horrible spouse.
Now Shane is gone.
Killed by Rick’s spawn,
Because Carl was not in the house.


Three stars sit in chairs that are cushy.
They must choose without having a look-see.
Drawn by the voice,
The stars make their choice,

While Cee Lo strokes his white pussy.

Tuesday-NEW GIRL

She’s cute and her name is Zooey.
Instead of “sex” she says “making whoopie.”

She lives with three boys,

Whom she always annoys.
Next week, instead, I’ll watch Glee.


NBC Wednesday nights are for “comedy,”
But they keep airing …Chelsea and Whitney.

This night you have botched.

Please don’t force me to watch.
I’d rather remove my own kidney.

Thursday-30 ROCK

There once was a girl named Liz Lemon
A hero for smart, awesome women.
The Peacock’s redeemed.
Wednesday night, a bad dream.
My kidney I’ll keep for Grizz Chapman.


2 Responses to “What I’m Watching: The Week in Limerick”

  1. saradraws March 23, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

    Your poetry is wunderbutt
    Though lacking in tawdry smut
    No reference of boobs
    Is sad for the noobs
    Who are trying to bust a nut.

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