Wednesdays Are For Comics: Mark Millar’s “Kick-Ass 2 #7”

21 Mar

Kick-Ass 2 #7

By Mark Millar

Art by John Romita Jr.

Reviewed by KJack

It’s the big showdown we’ve been waiting for folks, as Kick-Ass and his fellow heroes face down The Mother-F%$ker and his army of hired goons. The real conflict however, is not hero vs. villain, but fantasy vs. reality.  Each of the people wearing costumes imagines that he or she is living out the great comic book dream. They imagine they are, in actuality, superheroes. However, reality comes storming in….in the form of the entire New York Police Department. Yes, the police are better trained and better armed, but more importantly, they don’t care how any of the fighters label themselves. To the police, all of it – the violence, the vandalism, the public nuisance, and the vigilante justice – is highly illegal. They can’t even tell which costumes belong to the “good guys” and which belong to the “evildoers”. What the cops feel they have to stop is just one big riot.

 There are two individuals, however, who do not operate under any illusions. Both Hit-Girl, and the Hired assassin known as Mother Russia know exactly what their realities are.  Hit Girl has been trained her entire young life to think and operate as a crime fighter. It’s the only reality she knows. To her: one sees injustice, and one acts to stop it – there is no other way. Mother Russia on the other hand is the product of a life of harsh realities. She is a professional fighter and killer and an almost impossible opponent for any 10 year old girl. More than anything else, the fight between these two represents the clash between the real world and the vigilante ideal.

 As can be expected, the outcome is not all happiness and congratulations. More than any other issue of Kick-Ass, #7 smacks our protagonists in the face and makes both characters and readers alike question what it takes to make difference and what it means to be a hero.

 Millar and Romita Jr. do it again with a stunning issue I feel deserves a full 5 POWS!


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