Wednesday Are For Comics: Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples’ “Saga #1”

14 Mar

Hey….guess what?

It’s Wednesday. And you know what Wednesdays are for, right?

BUT! Before we get to KJack’s review of “Saga #1” I must share with you something. Back, all those weeks ago, when I first started this blog, I mentioned that my main comic addiction was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There will eventually be in-depth discussions of BtVS here at Come On, Mr. Sunshine, but for now I will only say this; I love Spike. I named my dog after him. I have a statue of him in my craft corner. One of the hottest television moments of all time was in Season Six of Buffy when they literally made sweet, sweet love to each other until the house fell down. Hottie McHotterson. Anyhoo…KJack brought me my new comics last night and I gots my new Locke & Key and my new Buffy… and (I promise not to spoil anything here, but HOLY CRAP YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE BUFFY-VERSE LATELY!!!!!!) this is the cover of the long-awaited #7 issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9.

Just two normal kids, chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool.

I love them.

Enough of your bullshiz, CJack! We don’t come here on Wednesdays to listen to you talk about crap! We come here for KJack’s reviews, dammit!!!

ugh, fine.

Saga: Chapter One

By Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples
Reviewed by Kirk (KJack)
What I believe we have here is the start of a truly epic tale.
We begin with the actual beginning of our main character’s story, seeing as how the very first scene is that of her birth. The man and woman standing so picturesquely on the cover are not the main characters of this tale at all, but rather, her parents and we don’t lose sight of them either, nor do we skip forward to a time when our protagonist is a bit older and can carry the story on her own. We follow the trials and adventures of these parents (and therefore our newborn hero) beginning mere seconds after her birth.
How do I know then, that the real protagonist is the infant? Well, we’re given a tour guide, a narrator that leads us through these events, gives us the background, and sets the stage. The narrator tells us, through disembodied floating captions, that its parents were not only on opposite sides of a galactic war, but were different species as well. She tells us that her parents were meant to be no more than guard and prisoner, were never supposed to fall in love, and definitely were not supposed to give birth her.
But marry and give birth they did, and apparently the trials and tribulations they go through to keep their baby alive (long enough to narrate this saga) are just too good to be skipped over. 
So, since this child ages maybe about 1 day in the course of this first issue, I assume we’re in for quite the long haul. This book is indeed a Saga and that’s a good thing! The epic title, however, isn’t the only clue that we can look forward to a nice long story. The characters and dialogue seem real, vital, and even witty. The details of the galaxy that surrounds them are strange and cool. Already in this issue I’ve seen amazing technology (in the form of fornicating robots), fabulous creatures (and a monkey!), and casually-weilded-but-powerful magic.
And I love the art by Fiona Staples! She has a way with body language that breaths life into these characters and the things they’re communicating to each other. 
Now, I know this isn’t the creator’s fault, rather a necessary evil of the medium, but the only real downside to this issue, is how far it doesn’t advance. Like so many other #1  issues, I’ve only been given enough to whet my appetite, and can’t yet see the true scope of where I’m sure Vaughan is going with this, but all in all, this book was well named and frankly, I’m excited! I will definitely be here for issue #2 when the saga continues.

Until then, I’ll give the first issue 4 POWS!




CJack’s Note: Ummm…I wasn’t really planning on adding any more comics to my “pull list,” but this sounds freaking RAD! Damn you!

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