Planet CJack

5 Mar

So…I’m working on the next installment of the Zombie ABC’s, but it’s been a rough day (I’m not yet able to quit my boring office job and make millions upon millions of dollars blogging…not yet) so I’m going to get this out of the way instead….

I gots an award y’all.

I'm one letter closer to my EGLOT.

Ok…not so much an award as it is “fellow-blogger-had-to-pass-it-to-someone-and-they-think-you-don’t-suck-enough-to-tell-others-you-exist.”

So while I’m not really going to show up to the Liebster awards in a gown or anything I will use it as an excuse to introduce you to three blogs that I think you should read.

1. A Clown On Fire

A blog about everything that means anything to a groovy Dad living in French Canadia…or someplace foreign…I really don’t know for sure ’cause we’ve only been Besties for two weeks, but we’re soulmates and apparently he’s been hanging out with my bestfriend Zooey and that dumb biznatch never even introduced us!!!!! I feel comfortable plugging his blog (that’s sounds gross) only because he’s the one that bestowed upon me the great honor of the Liebster (German for “chain letter”) Blog Award! I like him. I like his words. I like his ideas. I like that he obviously has a good eye for “Awesome” because he likes me.

2. Crapping Poetic

The best, most offensive blog you will ever read. She can’t update it as often as I’d like, but dammit, there’s an assload of funny over there waiting for you…if you can handle it.

My Bestie Cori is HIGH...Larious.

TAPS ain't got nuthin' on us.

3. Planet Tad!!!!!

As far as I can tell his blog only exists in MAD Magazine, but he’s my blogging idol and I can only hope to be as prolific and wise as he is someday. Perhaps we’ll meet, fall in love and blog together until we die. Here’s hopin’.

Dear Tad, I love you.

Totally Random And Unrelated:
I’m watching The Voice as I write this and I have to share something totally Awesome with you.
We’re all in agreement that the Adley Stump chick on Blake’s team looks like Lynne Stone a.k.a. Helen Hunt in Girls Just Want To Have Fun, right?
Oh…you don’ t think so?
Well you’re an idiot…and you’re wrong.


Oh…and Tee For Tuesdays is going to be late tomorrow because I’m tired and want to watch Smash and go to bed.


One Response to “Planet CJack”

  1. clownonfire March 6, 2012 at 5:56 am #

    Zooey is overrated. Now on to Thirteen. But seriously, thanks, BFF. You’re one serious kick-ass blogger. Don’t forget to look for our igloo if you come to Canadia.

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