Wednesdays Are For Comics: Angelo Tirotto & Richard Jordan’s “No Place Like Home #1”

22 Feb

Some of you, specifically the comic book nerds of you, know the importance of the Wednesday. It’s the Sunday to your Christianity, the Saturday to your Judaism, the Tuesday to your Glee fan. In short, Wednesday is New Comic Book Day.

I wasn’t always a comic book fan per se, but I’d dated various incarnations of the “comic book guy” for years, so of course I picked up an issue here and there. It wasn’t until The Mr. & I started living together that I really got in deep.

Before I moved in with KJack, I had one comic book obsession and that was Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season8. That was pretty much it, but KJack works at a comic book store you see, so my one order of Buffy grew exponentially. Sweet Tooth, American Vampire, Abattoir, iZombie, The Stuff of Legend, Powers, Creepy, Locke & Key.…KJack was my hill, Comics were my snowball and the snow was particularly sticky.

Now that I had a full-blown addiction to so many titles I came to look forward to my Tuesdays nights for reasons other than trying to predict what Sue Sylvester was going to call Mr. Schuester as she passed him in the halls of McKinley. I had a comic book store working husband now dammit! I was getting new books!

Since being married I’ve learned a lot about comics. I’ve learned that not bagging and boarding my comics properly could result in divorce. I’ve learned that when a dude comes in asking to see the “most expensive comic you have,” that he’s more than likely going to try to steal it and I’ve learned that on Tuesdays, at the end of the day, when the store has finally closed, the new books come out….and then they come home to me. Now I don’t know enough about comics to review them here (hell, for the first few months I kinda’ forgot that I was supposed to look at the pictures), but KJack does……every Wednesday, here it is, KJack’s comic book review, because after all…


By Angelo Tirotto, Richard Jordan

Review by Kirk (KJack)

Tornado Warning.

It’s time for a different kind of OZ, ladies and germs, and this one, for a change, doesn’t promise the usual song and dance! The first issue of No Place Like Home has the look and feel of a classic horror book with all the right elements to set up a good ‘ole nasty story.

It starts with the mysterious and gruesome murder of our protagonist’s parents, which brings her running back to the little town in Kansas where she grew up. The killing is strange and ominous, because it happens during a tornado and is accompanied by clouds of black feathers.

The book then moves into exposition mode where we meet Dee, our hero, who reunites with her two childhood friends after spending the last 5 years in L.A. The dialogue between all 3 girls is refreshingly interesting and believable. In fact, all the chatter between them serves to draw the reader in as opposed to distracting us from the narrative like so much other horror writing. So far then, I am impressed with Angelo Tirotto.

Richard Jordan’s art is right on the money. Not only is his cover gorgeous, but the interiors are easy on the eyes as well. Jordan is so specific with each girl’s facial features and expressions that the reader is able to distinguish who’s who without explanation. These girls are drawn so real and interesting, Jordan makes me want to get to know them. He also uses the perfect amount of shading and shadows to compliment the ominous tone of Tirotto’s script.

So Would I Buy It?
Short answer? Yes.
Longer answer? This book is on probation.
The story is still fragile and has so many directions it can go. The first issue has started at the right pace for horror, but that means I need more than one issue before I can give this more than 4 POWS! We’ll see what Tirotto has to offer in issue #2.
No Place Like Home #1

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