Tee for Tuesdays: Do You Wanna’ See A Dead Body?

21 Feb

As my first official and (hopefully) regular feature I present you with…

“Tee For Tuesdays”    (‘cause it’s a play on words, ya’ see?)

I have a lot of t-shirts…a lot. Rumor has it there are other people out there that enjoy t-shirts. Which makes sense, cause they’re awesome.

So every Tuesday (until it becomes boring and/or lame) I’ll post about one of my t-shirts. I’ll let you know where it came from, why I have it and why it’s awesome. As a very new and very green blogger this could prove to be a terrible idea, but we won’t know until we try.

First some back story:

On January 20, 2012, I purchased my 4th TeeFury tee.

Wait? What’s that? You don’t know about TeeFury.com? Well that’s a damn shame, because it’s rad. Every day, for a full 24 hours, they offer a $10 t-shirt designed by artists (who get $1 for every tee sold) from all over the world. Once that 24hrs is up; New t-shirt, no go-backsies. If you didn’t get the shirt the day it was listed you’re out of luck. I’m not sure if some of the artists sell them on their personal websites/stores/whathaveyou but there’s a chance of that as they do own their designs.

TeeFury is kind enough to provide a torture device they call the “Gallery” where you can look at all the badass t-shirts that were just PERFECT for you, but you didn’t check their site that day so you’re S.O.L.


Perfect for CJack. Missed it.

Perfect for KJack. Missed it.

My old high school chum/current Facebook pal brought TeeFury to my attention on September 22nd when they had a Stephen King themed tee for sale; I have since bought 4, 2 of which have been Stephen King tees. The fact that 2 t-shirts in the past 5 months have been related to SK should tell you right there that this site is the cat’s meow. It’s definitely a place for fangirls/boys as all of their t-shirts are music/television/movies/video game/book /bacon based.

Pop Culture abounds at TeeFury.

In the last month or so they’ve offered t-shirts based on the following:

Breaking Bad
Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots
Twin Peaks
Burger Time
Star Wars
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Dr. Who (There seems to be an infinite number of Dr. Who shirts in the gallery)
Sesame Street

Something for everyone right? Well, something for every nerd at least.

Now…without further ado, I present to you,

TeeFury Shirt #4, Stephen King Shirt #2

Do You Wanna’ See A Dead Body?

Do You Want To See An Awesome T-Shirt?

The 1986 movie, Stand By Me, based off the short story The Body published in King’s collection Different Seasons in 1982, now a 2012 t-shirt. River, Corey, Wil & Jerry with a Kiefer and a John Cusack thrown in for good measure.

NOT PICTURED: Kiefer, Cusack, Corpse

A fine novella adapted into a fine movie adapted in to an even finer t-shirt.

There’s a little piece of each of the guys in the shirt and I get to wear it whenever I want…..maybe I’ll even make sure I’m buried in it someday…wouldn’t that be ironic.

To Sum Up:

You Wanna’ See A Dead Body?

Where it came from – TeeFury.com 1/20/12

Why I have it – Stephen King is my favorite author. Feldman is my favorite Corey.

Why it’s awesome – When’s the last time you saw a t-shirt designed around a movie starring Fat Jerry O’Connell?




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