Come On, Mr. Sunshine

19 Feb

When trying to figure out a name for my Etsy store (that’s just sitting out there by the way…longing for me to, one day, have the time to list something in it), I went through a bajillion names, all taken, before deciding a random quote from my favorite movie would have to do.

I enjoy things that are random. As you’ll come to find out.

That movie is Some Kind of Wonderful.


The Best Movie You Will Ever See

It’s practically perfect in every way. No lie. If you haven’t seen it you must immediately find it. Watch it. Love it.

SKoW in a nutshell:

Boy is best friends with Girl.

Boy paints, Girl drums.

Boy asks Hot Chick on date.

Hot Chick agrees, to piss off Rich Boyfriend.

Boy takes Hot Chick on date, Girl chauffeurs.

Art Museum. Hollywood Bowl. Rich Boyfriend’s party.

Awesomeness Ensues.

Boy realizes that he loved Girl all along.

Credits Roll.

That, perhaps, did not do SKoW the justice it deserves, but nutshells are small and can only hold so much.

Anyway….where was I…oh yeah, Come On, Mr. Sunshine. It’s what Watts says to Keith in their first scene together…I like the way it sounded and shall use it to name things from here on out. I guess there wasn’t a whole lot to that story was there? Oh wells.(Click on the link up there to watch the first 10 minutes….I apparently was very affected by the line at  7:10)

In other SKoW news, I found this awesomesauce piece on Etsy. If only I had $300.

Check out their store AllthewayEmporium

Very cool stuff, pricey, but very cool.


Side Note: I do worry that my choice in blog name will confuse people as they’ll assume this is really a fan site for Matthew Perry’s short lived television show from last year.

The Other Mr. Sunshine


Then again, I’m not sure anyone actually saw it so maybe they won’t make the connection after all.


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